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  A masterpiece in the field of scientific research and production of Pyrus plants in China——

  ‘Pears in China’ was published

  Recently, ‘Pears in China’ was officially published by China Agriculture Press. Professor Li Xiu-gen (Former Director of Fruit Germplasm Improvement Center of Zhengzhou Fruit Research Institute in the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Former Scientist of Modern China Agriculture (Pear) Research System) and Professor Zhang Shao-ling (Director of Pear Engineering Technology Research Center of Nanjing Agricultural University and Chief scientist of Modern China Agriculture (Pear) Research System) are the co-Editors-in-chief of this book. More than 60 experts from 33 institutions participated in the compilation and it took six years to finish this book. This book is a systematic scientific monograph which integrates the achievements of pear research in China. This book has a total of 2.65 million words, 1408 pages, 1172 pear varieties, and more than 3500 color photos. It is color printed with hardcover.

  This book is financially supported by the National Publishing Fund of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China. Based on the general survey of germplasm resources of the genus Pyrus in China from 2008 to 2015, the editors comprehensively and dynamically recorded the origin and evolution of the Pyrus species in China, the overview of existing germplasm resources, the pear culture inheritance, the evolution of production and cultivation technology, the transformation of plant protection and storage technology and other achievements. This book truly reflects the current status of scientific research, production and germplasm resources of Pyrus plants in China, and almost represents the highest level in this field in China, with high authority, epochal significance, scientific and academic value, and guiding significance for industry.

  This book can not only provide an important reference for the scientific research and industrial development of Pyrus plants in China, but also provide reliable learning basis for the readers. It will also contribute to strengthening the rescue and protection of germplasm resource of local fruit tree. Moreover, the publication of this book plays an important role in realizing the revitalization of rural industry, enhancing farmers’ capability to shake off poverty and become better-off, promoting the construction of " lucid waters and lush mountains " ecological civilization, and meeting people's diversified demands for fruits.